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Why do Sri Lankan brides seek foreign men? Do they really dream to find their husband abroad? Discover the reasons for Sri Lankan women to become mail order brides!

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We won’t convince you that Sri Lankan brides are worth your time. You have obviously come here for a reason so we are sure you already know everything about how beautiful they are and about why they make the best wives. Instead, we’ll tell you the details and debunk some myths about these women.

So, you probably know that they are religious, but what does it mean for you as a foreigner? How do they understand romance? Do Sri Lankan brides face the same problems as their South Asian counterparts and Chinese mail order brides when it comes to women’s rights? We will provide you the most important facts and all the details for one purpose: to help you understand your future Sri Lankan mail order wife better. Let’s start.

Sri Lankan brides: The whole story and only true facts

Sri Lankan women enjoy better life than some of their Asian counterparts

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Sri Lankan brides are not really that suppressed as some other women from this region. You’ve surely heard that in South Asian countries there is a special attitude to women, but when it comes to Sri Lankan women, there is some good news here — they are not as suppressed as you might think. According to some studies, Sri Lankan women are privileged, treated very well, and respected in society. Some companies prefer female interns, the large number of professionals in Sri Lanka are women, and in 1995, Sri Lanka even elected its first female president! This country also has the highest female life expectancy and the lowest maternal mortality ratio among all South Asian countries, women here get more admissions to universities than men, etc.

So, despite the society in this country is still patriarchal and despite Sri Lankan women still don’t enjoy equality in 100% of aspects of life, the situation with women’s rights is not that bad here.

They prefer to marry quite early, in their 20s

The average age at first marriage is 23.9 years old here, which is quite low. In the 15-24 age group, more than 80% of women have never been married, but in the next group (25-34), more than 70% of them fall into the “married” category. For you, it means that if you want to find a girl who’ll see nothing wrong in marrying a man in her early 20s, Sri Lanka is probably the right place. What’s more, there are no problems with the age gap in marriage when we’re talking about Sri Lanka (this applies to the whole South Asia region actually). The age difference between spouses has never been a problem here and it has always been greater than the age difference between husband and wife in the West.

Sri Lankan brides are religious

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70% of them are Buddhists so you’ll most likely meet a Buddhist girl while searching for a Sri Lankan bride. For Sri Lankan people, religion is not something they don’t care about — according to the polls, almost 100% of Sri Lankans say that religion is an important part of their lives! Well, you don’t need to worry about it even if you’re not into Buddhism yourself. The point is, this religion is not radical at all when it comes to marriage (it’s actually the least associated with radicalism religion), so you can marry a Buddhist girl without any problems because it’s not prohibited.

They understand romance differently

It’s impossible to translate and it’s very difficult to explain the concept of romantic love to many Sinhala speakers (87% of Sri Lankans speak this language) — some of them say that it’s better to ask directly than to do romantic gestures waiting for a woman to get the hint. Having a man romancing a woman is quite unfamiliar in Sri Lanka, especially if we’re talking about women in their 40s and older. They say that in this country, love is more spontaneous and there’s no point in all those romantic things. However, buying a gift on the first date will still work great, as well as some kind of present.

Sri Lankan brides: Where to find them?

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There are two ways you can go: offline and online. Let’s discuss them.


It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it needs courage.

Here’s how it works: you buy a ticket to Sri Lanka and book a hotel. Then, you start using Tinder, FB, or Twitter or approaching women on the streets (which might be quite difficult because only 23.8% of Sri Lankans speak English). Then, everything is as usual, but with one difference: it’s not the United States, so it will be extremely difficult for you to go through that whole “relationship before marriage” story if you’re a tourist. Don’t get us wrong, going directly to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte and approaching the girls there can work well — it’s just not the best thing you can do if you’re searching for something really serious.

You can find a lot of great women to spend some good time with (although premarital sex is not generally accepted in this country), but don’t expect to find a long-term partner if you’re doing it offline. You just won’t have enough time to understand these women, choose the one, and make her fall in love if you visit Sri Lanka as a tourist. That’s why we recommend doing it online.


And by “online” we mean actually “without even leaving your home”. Lucky you, there are literally dozens of great Sri Lankan brides platforms with tens of thousands of young girls who want to find a man from the United States or from other Western countries. You only need to choose any platform, sign up, and start chatting — if you do everything right, you’ll be able to find your love quite fast. The good news is that you’ll also be able to take your Sri Lankan bride to the US legally — K-1 visas are called Fiancee visas for a reason!